T. Thilleman


Two poems excerpted from Snailhorn (fragments)

Of the things that escape the reader one
            comes from Samudra Manthan


Long ears the horse Indra stole and clipped off her (black) wings
            this the Kalki or eighth world           invisible yet loud loka
                           hinted at in the (white) gift of the horse
Unable to fly but stays in this mansion house whose meridians
                    circle onto themselves as Śakra        molding place
            shot out of the churned ocean an interchangeable name
                 so much to hear in eternity            her mane
analysis held by hand divining thus your revulsion or lust
                                           for the word “thus sticking out un-mare-like”
        or who spake it spokes an eight-pronged tongue un-withholding wheel
                 lays out or runs in the measure of the ride
                        seeding steed to story or stud’s head uncovered by speed
penetrates one of these visions to what vast area
   here        all        arrayed within
                                               whether we like it or not



Some voices exist on the side        heard coming from the side
             extensions move toward center
                          here we see hear together at the same time
Like amphorae on the vehicle of a ship
                   carried by two handles the sight
                              white as well as black
         as well as heard        the shifting Vānara


        some gestures so large they influence
                     and change the shapes of other things
         empicturing them within and withholding
                        contents as if only known
                in time
                                but this is an illusion
and so is space an illusion        unless it is Śakra’s


T. Thilleman migrated to New York from the Midwestern State of Wisconsin in the early 80’s. For a brief period he worked for Pace Editions and the artist Chuck Close on handmade paper editions under the direction of the late Joe Wilfer. Throughout the 90’s he helped edit Poetry New York and their pamphlet series. He is the author of more than a few poetry collections including Three Sea Monsters, Onönyxa & Therseyn (opening book for an extended work, Sketches), and the novel Gowanus Canal, Hans Knudsen. His collaborations with j/j hastain are Approximating Diapason, Clef Manifesto, Snag as well as the forthcoming glossary, Tongue a Queer Anomaly. His literary essay/memoir, Blasted Tower, is being issued from Shakespeare & Co./Toad Suck. Ongoing and online, tt blogs musings taken from the Kamasutra and others at The companion book to Snailhorn, with essay and drawings, is Entering Yoni Space On The Pouring Pivot Of My Own Lingaraj.


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MadHat, Issue 15, Winter 2013-2014