Anne Elezabeth Pluto



You always marry rich
men with children
taking them on as projects
an expanded sense of your own failure
at motherhood they gather round you
a flock of unloved birds, mouths and
hands open the man dispenses
the money and you wear god’s golden death
around your neck, an anchor to where you have
been wandering like Odysseus there is no
longer a homeland but the houses husbands
have bought and deeded to you a monopoly
board of tragedy, loss of light and life
I’ve lost you too, far too
removed from your realm of gold.


Misha na Severa

Misha in the north
on the ice—the golden cock
and little bears climb
the trees for the forest
characters to write out
this valentine in sweet
nothing and the full compass
of your voice encompassed
in the room of my heart imagine
the fierce white bear
the golden cock
the little browns ones climbing
as they do in the tales I
read at night when I
am not entwined
to you a serpent pink—silver—
green I watch you sleep—listen
to your heart hold
as the storm rages outside
and Misha joyful in the snow
blanketed earth moves west to
meet us—where we lie together
my hand slipped into yours
calm in the sleepy aftermath
of kiss you goodnight
imagine the baby bears
snuggled tight to their mother
to sleep the winter into greening
while Misha rules the white earth
and the golden cock sings
to wake us up
too late, too late
too late.


Misha na Severa/The Golden Cock/The Little Bears are names of Russian chocolates


Anne Elezabeth Pluto was born in the Bronx and grew up in Brooklyn. She is Professor of Literature and Theatre at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA where she is the artistic director of the Oxford Street Players. She was a member of the Boston small press scene in the late 1980s and the editor of Oak Square Magazine. She started Commonthought Magazine at Lesley 26 years ago. Her chapbook The Frog Princess was published by White Pine Press. She has been a participant at the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference in 2005 and 2006. Her most recent publication is Lubbock Electric, available from the U.K.ís Argotist Editions. She lives in Boston with her family.


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MadHat, Issue 15, Winter 2013-2014