Sheila E. Murphy



He shields his brain from
intonation, mindful
of absorption as its warmth
holds still.

He hears funnels,
accepting what is
poured sans
reflex of refusal,

to deflect thirst
amid a factual desire.
The lack of muscle tone
astride the spine

that might rise
to the occasion,
straw to gold.



All the pretty men, now old,
with panache
return of serve,

heft extra weight,
walk gingerly, draw
lovers in and of
shared history,

divide their time
between living and
the story,

source dust
chalking sidewalks
prior to
inevitable rain.


Sheila E. Murphy is a text and visual poet who has been writing and publishing actively since 1978. Her latest books are: Continuations 2 (with Douglas Barbour). (The University of Alberta Press. 2012), American Ghazals (Otoliths, 2012) and Noun that I've Been Watching (White Sky Books, 2012). Sheila has frequently contributed to MadHat.


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MadHat, Issue 15, Winter 2013-2014