Mary Kasimor


floa tin g kans a s

whisp ers s from an o ld love
a n old dog breaks a w ay
from kans as it take s a smile
fac e a wa y from sunshinefr
ommmwh it e s pace place
s form al dirt enscon ced
breadbreat he and s hemo
ved a vacuu m land in
kans as aprayer and prai
rie an d yell o w sun an
d golden w heat an d h
eat of surface flic ker
ligh t war n s know led ge
within the flat tened gut s
a n d bit ternes s shar p ened
darknes s m o on of no thin
I nland floati n g hear t


mi dwes tern h ouses

no twho ll y co nfus e dan d
control led by motherswh o
d on ’ t do ot her thing s
on l y cir cu la r sta bi lity and
horizon ta l des cripti on fall e
nfrom flat ten e d tab les
tee mi n g pro to plas m so un
d ’s mat hematic s throug h
o ver sig h t depending on a
wind o w o r co mpasskn o w
le dge in cave s pr e- plat o
k now s fo r man d fam e mo
therlod e swol le nfrui t a nd
to ngu e swal low s bir ds ’
en ti r e wingmotions mo the r
dre ad an d wit hout a m ap who
le wit h out kit chen an dclo s et
in mi d wes tern laun d ro mat s


Mary Kasimor grew up in Minnesota and now lives between Minnesota and Washington (State). She has most recently been published in the following journals: Yew Journal, Big Bridge, Mad Hatter’s Review (now MadHat), Reconfigurations, Moria, Otoliths, Certain Circuits, The Bakery, and Altered Scale. She received a Fellowship from US Poets in Mexico for the 2010 Conference. She was also a Finalist in the 2011 Ahsahta Chapbook Contest. She has two books of poetry, & cruel red (Otoliths 2010) and silk string arias (BlazeVOX 2008).


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MadHat, Issue 15, Winter 2013-2014