Andrew Keating


Corazón Salvaje

Corazón Salvaje mixes digital animation of my drawings with film/photo textures, and shadow play to explore the mysteries of the body, metaphysical truths and dichotomies. And all in only 5 minutes and 9 seconds! Some have labeled it "sublime". Others have seen it as a parable of the creative process. While another saw in it "an amazing confederacy of pirate organs, rogues, in collusion to end us!".

Andrew Keating - Corazón Salvaje from San Zeno on Vimeo.


Andrew Keating (b. 1948) is a visual artist and educator living in New York. Mostly he draws and paints or makes prints. His work is in the collections of museums in Brooklyn, Seattle, and San Angelo, Texas, among other locations. He has exhibited widely and has done public art projects as well. Corazón Salvaje, his first film since the 8mm wind---up days, mixes animated drawings with shadow play. Currently he is at work on an animation inspired by Thomas Mann’s “Transposed Heads”.


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MadHat, Issue 15, Winter 2013-2014