Mad Hatters' Review
Issue 8, July 2007
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Hugh Fox
Arun Gaur
Tamir Greenberg
Translated from the Hebrew by Tsipi Keller
Christine Hamm
Sharron Hass
Translated from the Hebrew by Tsipi Keller
H. L. Hix
Judith Kerman
Karen Knight
David Musgrave
Stephanie Strickland
Angela Szczepaniak
Sam Witt


Elizabeth Block
Laurence Davies
Jason Everett
Andrea Fitzpatrick
Kass Fleisher
Steven Gillis
Steve Gilmartin
Vanessa Place


Sissy Boyd


Patty Catto

Audio Features

Urayoán Noel
Zack Wentz

Audio Text Collages
by Davis Schneiderman,
Don Meyer & Tom Denlinger

Monuments To Indian Native First Nations American Tenacity in the Stacked Face of Continual Misrepresentation

Book Reviews

'Adam and Cain' by Michael Graves | Review & Interview by Charles P. Ries
'The Fathers We Find' by Charles P. Ries | Review by Pablo Teasedale
'Conscious/Unconscious' by Michael Hafftka | Reviewed by Marc Lowe
'Electric Flesh' by Claro Translated from the French by Brian Evenson | Reviewed by Marc Lowe


Rich Andrews
Sir Castor Bayley
Tantra Bensko
Domenick Capobianco
Pete Dolack
D. A. Eis
Carol Novack
Helen Ruggieri


Patriotic Polly
Tristan, Miss Julie & Steve
The Fuck You Guy
& others


"Trajectory" Winners: Jesse Nissim, Ned Pepper, Gayla Chaney
Current Contest "Interior Design" Guidelines

Eclectic England
Part 1

Featured Artist
Anne Austin Pearce

Art Gallery
Video Interview


The Gallery Bar Gallery
Issue 8 Art Gallery
Issue 8 Music Gallery

Guest Editor's Rave

Debra Di Blasi


music "Limnanthes 3"
by Christohper Willits







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'Saucy Aloha' © 2007 Anne Austin Pearce
'Saucy Aloha' © 2007 Anne Austin Pearce
'Saucy Aloha' © 2007 Anne Austin Pearce