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Disclaimer: The views expressed by the editor are not necessarily the same as those held by the editor. Indeed, when pressed, the editor is likely to deny any opinions whatsoever.

Welcome to the Winter/Spring (Upover) and Summer/Fall (Downunder) 2007 issue of the Mad Hatters' Review. As Hatters, we're always touched by the ravages of these arduous times, discombobulated by toxic psychosocial fallout, compelled to rage, exuberate, pontificate, move, swoon, decry, denounce, elucidate, amuse and entertain. There continue to be dangerous ideologues and crusaders in proliferation, idiot leaders who recklessly and callously disregard life, greed-crazed multimillionaires committing myriad nefarious acts, as the planet grows moodier and moldier. Indeed, we're growing numb from the poisons dumped on us by the afore-mentioned greedy bastards. We American Hatters and friends continue to wonder how many of us will end up on the No Fly list, as the unholy trinity is still at the helm, plotting more wars. Their boots are saturated with oil as the ice bergs melt. And let us not forget the horrific genocides in Darfur and Ghana as well as the increasing death tolls in Iraq.

Carol Novack, Publisher & Editor

Of course, as we always say, we Hatters see the world as an asylum in which absurdity speaks to the truth, surrealism to reality, chaos to order, and nonsense to sense. We believe that "[t]he reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man." (George Bernard Shaw)

Our bi-monthly Poetry, Prose & Anything Goes Reading Series at The KGB Bar is going extremely well. In this issue, we are happy to present one of our featured readers, poet Wanda Phipps. The audio is linked to a video produced by Joel Schlemowitz. Our most recent reading featured contributor Norman Lock, Terese Svoboda and Deb Olin Unferth. Diane Williams, Frederic Tuten and Wanda Phipps read in November. Our March 23rd reading will include Ted Pelton and Steve Tomasula.

We are happy to welcome the nomadic jetsetter PETER ROBERTSON, our new foreign editor from the UK, Spain & Argentina. Peter produced the impressive VIVA CALEDONIA collection of Scottish writers, procuring fantastic contributions by our famous featured artist CALVIN COLUM, and music by Scottish composer PETER DE MONCEY-CONEGLIANO. Don't miss Peter Robertson's INTERVIEW of Calvin Colum.

We are also happy to welcome our award-winning new Drama Editor, playwright, fiction non-fiction writer, and New Yorker (from the Bronx yet) — MARK BLICKLEY.

The versatile and gifted composer DONALD MEYER, of the uber post postmodern vaudeville team Meyer & Schneiderman, has accepted a lucrative position as a Music Editor. We're ajump with electronic glee.

Finally, we're deliriously delighted that contributor DEBRA DI BLASI, with the assistance of the infamously unavoidablee Jiri Cech, will be guest editing Issue 8.

ISSUE 7 is, as usual, full of aesthetic surprises and feats of daring: the habitual gaggle of poems from the absurd to the lyrically divine — sufficient to give our readers goose-bumps, of course; offbeat, risky, mostly stylistically edgy, beautifully crafted prose by a colorful flock of cerebral and emotionally out-of-control prose writers, including our FEATURED WRITER, the offbeat, hilarious satirical LYNDA SCHOR. You'll find an INTERVIEW of Lynda by yours truly.
Our extraordinary Art Editor Tantra Bensko has once again done an amazing job lacing our pages with dazzling illustrations by an array of exceptional artists, including MHR artists DK McDonald, Peter Schwartz and X-8. Check out the slideshow of all Issue 7 artists. And listen to our Issue 7 Music Showcase, featuring MHR composers Steve Kane, Guthree Lowe, Ben Rush Miller, Suchoon Mo, Paul A. Toth, and Ben Tyree, and guest composers Peter de Moncey-Conegliano and Jon Leifs.

We are also presenting the first installation of an audio text by Meyer & Schneiderman, updates of regular features, including cartoon strips, Don Bergland's MENTAL THEATRE, and columns by Crazy Jane, our book reviewer CB Smith (aka Castor Bayley), Non-Fiction Editor Pete Dolack, Art Director Tantra Bensko, Associate Editor Elizabeth Smith, and guest columnists Richard Andrews, D. A. Eis and Helen Ruggieri. I'm pleased to introduce a new guest columnist, Lockie Hunter.

Speaking of CB Smith, I'm happy to announce the publication of his novel, Still Life With Psychotic Squirrel (Six Gallery Press), available at

Thanks again to our amazing webmaestress Shirley Harshenin, who's added many original touches to both text and design. Without her, we'd disappear into the past imperfect tense.

As I said in my inaugural rave, we strive to offer intoxicating tastings from all corners of the world (as if this planet had corners). We aspire to become no less than addictive. And we aspire to pay contributors one day. Most pieces in Issue 7, as in all previous issues, are accompanied by custom-composed music or recorded recitations by the authors. All writings come with striking, mostly custom-made visuals by guest and staff artists. In this sense, Mad Hatters' Review is truly a collaborative project.

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a Mad Editor-in-Top Hat concoction

Carol Novack,

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