Milorad Krstic

Little girl in front of the mirror Battery man and butterfly womanAbc People with read or pink names are much more passionate than people with yellow names
Allegro Barbaro Guerre á l’alcool Mein Haus ist meine Burg Liegende Nymphe
???I have fucking flies in my head

Milorad Krstic, was born in Dornberk, Slovenia, in 1952. He took a degree in law at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. Since 1990 he has lived and worked in Budapest as painter and multimedia artist with his wife, Radmila Roczkov, a graphic designer. He has won many prizes, including a Silver Bear for his animated film My Baby Left Me in 1995 at the Berlin Film Festival. His epic DAT book treats of the whole of the 20th century through individual drawings or paintings. The work is a subjective visual encyclopedia of the 20th century, a theatre of history and historical experience.

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MadHat, Issue 14, Spring 2013