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David Chirot


Light Remains by David Chirot Booklet Lincoln Gen Pope Inner PPS by David Chirot Asemic Red Series 1 - Painted Clay Impressions by David Chirot
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Asemic Red Series 4 - Painted Clay Impressions by David Chirot Bomb Om Small Res by David Chirot Cinema of Catharsis Booklet Front Cover by David Chirot





David Chirot born in Lafayette, Indiana, grew up mainly in Vermont. He has lived and worked in Gottingen, Germany; Arles and Paris, France; Wroclaw, Poland; Hastveda, Sweden (with Jazz Musican Don Cherry and family); Amsterdam; Boston and Milwaukee. David creates visual & sound poetry, scores, essays, poetry, stories, designs posters and book covers. His work has appeared in over 90 print & online journals in 30 countries. Recent work has been published, or is forthcoming in, The Mud Project, Jerome Rothenberg's Poets & Poetics, Tip of the Knife, Slova and the Argotist Otherstream Anthology. Contact artist.

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