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Bill Yarrow


The Tapeworm of Selfish Mammon Eats All the Good Will in the World

Recitation by Author

She caretakes, he takes care
She is inclusive, he feels occluded
She takes on all comers, he takes on all commerce
She’s out on a limb, he’s still on the lam
She has a Bachelor’s in Niceness, he got his Master’s in Tasks
She hurt her thumb in yoga, he bumped his head in law school
She begs to differ, he begs to defer
She collects curios, he licks Oreos
She works all the angles, he walks the perimeter
She flies east to Cape Hatteras, he drives north to Cape Cod



Recitation by Author

When in doubt, walk around the world.
When in doubt, blacken the i’s in the dictionary.
When in doubt, ask tobacco.
When in doubt, hack a tree.
When in doubt, preen like Dietrich.
When in doubt, pretend to make love.

Love, let us be faithless to one another.
Let plate tectonics have the day. Let’s
drink to BPA and zombiefy ambition.
Let’s smoke a pot roast, mainline a
mango, snort a mortgage, shoplift a kiss.
Let’s inculcate. Let’s make baptism a sin.

She: You’re cute in a Jean Sibelius kind of way.
He: I’d go out with you but your Google profile is so unattractive.


Bees in the Eaves

Recitation by Author

We write in darkness. We love
in alleys. We breathe into beige
paper bags. Anything to mollify
the confusion. Anything to simplify
the math. I am beset, even by rest.
And when I close my eyes, the world
is still macaronic. I feel for the wolf
about to be trapped in the landfill.
I feel for the crab about to scamper
from the net. I feel for humanity when
the brightness of sick knowledge falls
from exorbitant air. But remedies
abound. There’s a remedy for everything.
And a remedy for every remedy.




Bill Yarrow is the author of the poetry collection, Pointed Sentences, published earlier this year by BlazeVox (books). He is the author of two chapbooks, Fourteen (Naked Mannekin, 2011) and Wrench (erbacce-press, 2009). Bill’s poems have appeared in numerous print and online literary journals, including Del Sol Review, Poetry International, Confrontation, Rio Grande Review, and PANK, to name a few.

Bill is currently a Professor of English, as well as iCampus Faculty Coordinator, at Joliet Junior College in Illinois, where he has taught since 1993, including courses in creative writing, Shakespeare, and film. He is also a poetry editor at THIS Literary Magazine. Contact author.

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