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Robert Mueller


Nice, Beethoven, Nice

Recitation by Author

I fell in through the second tier into the sonata.
Babies of chromosomes washed through my hair
the exigent columns swindled with arm-wear
for sleeves up the castles I sugar-spooned.
Motley knacks waxed up the bunchgrass the soothing
tumblers of showers that held cobalt modem
were satiating in attire sashes around the clock.
A flannel gifted funnel warping tempered
loops and love-handles but swarthy camellias
and swoop of a rabbit gruntingly
the twining fumbled up a silk gobbling
sweet as you please and tacklers trapped clover.
Cuttlefish and other fishes got alerted to huddle
while gates in drag gave to gastropods
their gallivanting and I fell and I fell.
It was the seminary tax and it was a hard sell
to tap the knees the acerbic the grizzled
pretending down as in Alcatraz or with sleighbells
to Frosty-Pops to an auction of kundalini
(pantodape it was every which way)
to slalom down the frizzle the fabulous floats
to be acute wattled in acquittal the forks were hot
that stung up from the bottom of the slalom.
And I imagined a hundred calicoes and peace
at home with the stay-for-all between my knees.
Furious are all swaddlings they tell you sip
then in hang-time on the counter by the table
the bowl of cream sits and crowing is in arrest
the toucans in tatters come to their senses lapping
it up does the body good the miracle scribble
pliant plant paints a warming season unlike fasting
unlike swimming in an ashcan of worries while panthers plead
Himalayan journeys the heavens are toast spilt
rascals relive histories I stake I am among.


Wide Blue Topic

Recitation by Author

What price silence?
Or what instance
like thrusting reddest trident
on loan from nowhere?
Linger into sea of faults;
chip on the water down reef,
slip down search-more line de-stiffened,
as if to chuck abeyance,
as if in murmuring.
What scimitar of plaster’s grief
will send your way?
When older hands the locks away,
they sough your heavenly innocence,
and there is talking fendered by distance,
by burst-waking swells,
as if you’ve had a cliff of it
and sleeve right long for
grinding of the tip-blurred shells.
Shocking a beard bronzed
on the waters, doomed to devils
in their blest and buoyed chesapeake,
laying it on griddle-slinging the sea-mist,
by dozens these fool biers are kissed.
When can they name their price
as hungry fish?
When by furling breezy fan mis-laced?
When by sacralizing,
gales be goaded of their ripe grace?


Pre-Marshalsea Abandon

Recitation by Author

Supple stumble joy and chum,
variegated Cummerbund, these greeter
cheeps sway hail-a-day into alto's chorus
of Grimmelshausen’s chamber's queue,
on clock baton beats brass.
Meatgrinder porcelain see-to.
And if this chapel on the island
plays the pheasant, unbent leaf of fern
strikes palm a praise a pose, abutted
to the wheel stretches scurrying brag-
butler, salutes Queen’s chimney.
New muff encloses Milady's
bongo’s apprivoisés Hosen,
nip anent two tucks of Signorita, folks
taste eleemosynary, put partner through.
Believe me I love thee retrieve
every hustling anemometer above,
I trace long and light,
the thrill the burly bill of it,
and likes of sweet, slim kegs.
Anakolouthon or minstrelsy
or bogeying the out-plays this:
Blaguers are mismatches are paisley joys,
a drop of hot pride taken trim
for cinnamon this Überallgemein Hem.


Subito Purse-Rungs

Recitation by Author

I, solemn pity and ounce,
appeal to stark harmony
to be the tree
exaggerated knee of frounce.
Calculation beseems
agricultural tools
synchronizing cornfield dreams
for school’s pardon, principal’s use.
enfigures Mighty Mouse
but then cantankerous blouse
leans over piano keys to shun
the incubator of Baroque.
Titillate semester’s hoax
to be Aurelie, maid.
If you see concave
measures you are box
for jaundiced orbit, stormin’ glade
or bright nub-knocks
scrambled into pool-portion, rocks.




Robert Mueller has earned a Ph.D. in comparative literature from Brown University, and has successfully studied diverse topics toward the publication of critical and scholarly essays and, more important in recent years, adventurous poetry book reviews. Poems can be found in print magazines, as well as online in Moria, SugarMule, Blackbox Manifold, Ink Node, and as a block of four poems in the second issue of "Farourfurtheroutoutofsight." Spinozablue, though setting a standard for decorum, has published an additional assortment of this diversity, including experimental essays by Robert Mueller as well as some chancy poetry. Contact author.

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