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Raphael Moser



Shivering in the mouth of autumn, she conjured pyramids and lambs wool. Reached down into the repository to secure black olives and oranges.

They played a game of right and wrong. His preferred methods of lying included:

1.Withheld information.
2.The melodic tone.
3.The strategic sentence.

She squeezed oranges over his entirety and ground olive pitts to a paste, which she applied to the darker portions of his body, and continued reading how man's first sound was wonder not communication.

A slipknot, a straight flush, a jackknife. He ran the bath like a military operation, and executed his task excepting luxury. The heat of the bath stinging; he vigorously shampood her hair and conditioned twice. She offered a blind choice between story A and story B. His face crinkled in disbelief upon reading the first lines of his selection. "I am a man not to be trusted". Glee sated, she; reckoning, he stammered his way to conclusion.


Revisionist History

The future consists of the evening
a dark cloth dropped on an oppressive mechanism
and the possibility of permanent rem

The Day
played out by petty sadisms
and armed duty,

bore down,
A gargantuan jack-o-lantern
leering with cheerful malevolence

deadened steps pave each horizon
with obligation

and it was all obligation,
sensibility perfunctory
muddled pleasure in apathy
interactions endured 'til nightfall

The violet cradled eve


Banks V

Black-edged deep soil
splatters on a wall


The season's heavy
leaves white unaltered

          until the

Rank-burdened deluge
unwraps the dark

Hardened by the luster
of terrifying beauty

Blackness settles

stones loosed stones drift


Third Rebel

A rage transmuted
as epiphany
with dissonance
           the silent pitch
held together
by the night

the ice illuminated
the blue
          So blue
           a wrap
           a barge
a fastening

A sea to snap
     the nerve

One X carved for salt
One X carved for lemon

The third a contingency

fresh red on brown




Raphael Moser's work has appeared in BigCityLit.com, Salonika, Far, Further Out, Out of Sight. She is a regular contributor to Octoberbabies. Contact author.

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