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Michael Main


A:~:meri:~:can Monu:~:ment:~:al

Recitation by Author

|~^-: with platted grounds signing in unio ~:.

empire (e)state elevated world order
indian(a) limestone (en)litanies scored
tip topped w'spiky (c)hurl

radio at(tent(s)ion) new york 'n' jersey shore
blaring joy jazz lip kong's deco box girl

ask'n fay wray who dunn 'it


|~^-: with marble race feigning suicide reprisals ~:.

b(last)ing caps a' hot july bricol(age)
shadow sna(king) acres d(own) 'n' round
america's god (gild)amesh

doctor (sin)atra streisand einstein debacle
operation polestars :U|S: edward teller
dirigible highliner watt watch

ask'n (w)all street (c)rash to come 'n' love


|~^-: with manhattanesque elatives squatting down ~:.

fifth avenue victory alum masquera(u)der
b(road)(cast)er canister celluloid master
early (h)ours hoover (up)feelings gala

ask'n camelot to sequined state's flame


|~^-: with esprit de corps advice and consent ~:.

elevator shot remonstrance (h)alls mirrored
everyw(here) you see ~^~ I see ~^~ limitless
semio power pistols

up on the roof w(here) there be dancing
and (de)light and nightblack with kong
belt sw(eat)ing back the waves of war

ask'n big (p)lanes who's coming on


|~^-: with tin pan reorienteers attending halt ~:.

in dreams roy (orb)i(son) waltzes the night
cruising hall pampered chiffon sweet chimeras
roaming with marianne faithfull to undress

ask'n for solace (pow)er n' (wow) tower


|~^-: with storm rod conelit empire swift ~:.

yesteryear glory days did we hear tell
the ca(us)al edifice fitfully res(peak)ing
(c)all in a hoarse whisper as if miles or mingus
hailing columbia hi' cats 30th street wise:

"remember me when i was invisible?"

"o wha' ... ? didn't you miss me?"


San Francisco To Schenectady Symbiosis

Recitation by Author

(-: on the road to resolute road, this tom reveling :-)

"O in a'roam, a'lone together
like a horse and carriage, this
I tell you brother, I come and call!"


San Francisco Calling

of tom for loving her
by the seat of his pants
whip(poor)will h(itch)ing post
west'o'dodge (way)ne prev(ailing)
a quest, while the old man is asleep
bareback r(id)er s(how)stealing t(hun)der
in d(is)counting injun joe's crime
comes a w(hip)pin'nude page ripped
(co)agitato w(h)ig no(bless)e siege
of tom for roaming his head


Tom Visiting Schenectady

in r(o)aming late (arc)hway l(amp) nights
(or)b sickle cul-de-sex s(trap)dangle
dual(in)g soul d(us)tcart sc(rap)pezist
schenec(tad)y seeker encro(aching) (tom)sawyer
strafed honker flyo(v)er (be)wailing sin(s)black
marauding bro' hosts marking 'x' with Huckle'b


Twain's Two-Thousand Verse Dual

in a m(ark) twain semi(o)tic carri(age)
hey, mr. boj(angles), mr. m(ark)downs,
baggy pants loving her so cruel
it's pr(imi)tive your whipmasted slim savior
your saving grace syllables, pipe erecting
circus net wind winch, who cloned us a tom
'frisco call s(tart)les ma' il(lust)rated man
Jeho(judg)vah mental(ism) creeps(us) out
in this m(end)i(cant) tent of yore
coming under covers signing for(h)bidden books-
speaks t'hot theocracy-epigrammatic h(s)extext


The Vernacular Witch Pie Test

eek a kiss!
s(trap)ped in cave his b(eck)y (that)cher
spied a pie, icky witch pie, pants in the pie
under drawers, eight miles high, pie squashed
|: "missouri chaste-painted fencer" :|
pollygarten p(ants) (red)seamed w'whitewash
fly boy flag blue window-dressed best western
busting up aunt polly's genuflection dream

O don't let the rain come down :-)
!- jolly wolly doodle dangle day


Cloudburst Best Western

Recitation by Author

:(: beyond cloudbursts :):

~ descending these .:~

best western balustrades ~ as if sunset

chameleons .~. sandbar sages .~. kingston band

gaggles of crowbeak ~:~ gale squawk windlashers
rainburst's anteriority ~:~ pacific filibuster
preternatural nov(ember) ~:~ stovepipe's sun lancet

~ destilling these .:~

best western fusillades ~ as if moon

striated half masks .~. tent sail star heights

roadswitch's t(rain)loss ~:~ skies combustion dreidel
ho(ode)d backlot stallion ~:~ hoof 'n' coal tomahawk
two-by-four slacklimbo ~:~ smokey woods 'n' b(ear)paw

~ spelunking these .:~

best western meditations ~ as if earth

causation's celltower .~. blasts on mary's peak

dire stall temptations ~:~ curve stroking back 'n' stop
blessed sheetfields hail ~:~ owl's b(leary) f(eat)her razor
homecoming storm breaker ~:~ rain country 'tis of thee

~ deplaning these .:~

best western decalogues ~ as if smokey

deguerreotype positions ~:~ s(alt) cellar relig(ion)ists
p(ray)er positing so(up) ladles ~:~ ball field's hula choir
voice busking tops(oil)ers ~:~ cafe serving all hosts ale

~ declining these .:~

best western retributions ~ as if hollyhock

holy communion lights out .~. weather mens last stand

stop at (no)thing stop ~:~ but driving cops to AM stations
b(less) this c(row)bar (tow)n ~:~ besotted bellwire turnstiles
(no)thing tonight rains true ~:~ they call the wind mariah

(no)thing tonight rains true ~:~ they call the wind mariah




Michael Main is a 54-year-old career poet, educated at Indiana University-Bloomington. A West Coast writer, he currently lives and writes in the small commercial crab fishing port of Newport, Oregon. Originally from the Midwest heartland, he is a past recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Indiana Arts Commission. Main has been influenced by Heller Levinson's Hinge Theory, as articulated by Howling Dog Press Editor/Publisher Michael Annis. Main’s current project involves producing new Hinge works to empower and further explore Hinge dynamics. Similarly, art photographer Henry Avignon's application of Hinge concepts to the practice of “Extractionist” photography is one of Main’s primary current influences. Main believes these burgeoning avant-garde language poet movements embody a realistic prospect for cultivating adept levels of revolutionary linguistic practice. Main's early experience with the form suggests to him that Hinge is fully capable of bringing writers and readers to levels of linguistic energy, intellectual discovery, and emotional joy that must be critical to the survival of any advancement of adept and alert culture in the early 21st Century. Main's first commercial book of poetry -"Quintet For The Apocalypse"- is to be published by Howling Dog Press (Colorado, USA) in 2011. A publisher's proof copy of this book is currently circulating in Paris for critical observation and review. Contact author.

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