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Vernon Frazer


A Shallow Depth

The peristaltic underground
anointed fish refusing to repent

a slogan blurred
                             under its mother’s


Crescent lotteries attack

      the imperiled fold
      before the facture

can hack its critique to margin
or leaking apparatus

      while logic leaves cadenza polish

to ghost
                 its cast remains


True Class

Epidermal factotum cluster
goitered rumors bared below
the gusto meter. Clairvoyant
as a vacant shredder climb,
the mustered stealth depicts
canceled aficionado cults.
Embossed subtonal rapture
sheds hidden currents to
mirrored dicta. Matters fed
to the misconstrued grew
abstract from data removal
at the outlet. Gaunt crossings
rout the decay with tactful humor
shared as wealth. A message
relayed the act, approval shattered
the retrospective somnolence,
moving the total muster to
latent centipede clatter.
Slowing the act of gathering
breeds the needed hovel insignia
who dare a shared display
of absence while the shadows
cleave to labors of the caste.


Circling Back

Turntable, distend. Mohawk frenzy:
matter pouring timely snark repellent:
forefront adagio fixtures the liquids,
emporium aftertaste

a sanctum
in its own voice.

Crystal anchors the subway project.

Spherical imbalance features
igneous projectiles, hammer-bent

against a lucid foreground,

half-dashed in their finery
—quintessential slippage.

No furrier left untracked or
crawling toward a slippery footage
on barriers deftly tracing

equipment stories, vinyl on the rebound.


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With a grasp of contemporary idioms that ranges from post-Beat to post-Language and visual poetry, and from magical realism to avant-pop fiction, Vernon Frazer explores the terrain "beneath the underground" where mainstream publishers have yet to delve. His poetry synthesizes the Language Poets, the Black Mountain Poets, the West Coast Beat poets and the Concrete and Visual poets into an exciting literary amalgam that defies ready classification. Regardless of the idiom he writes in, Frazer stretches the established boundaries until they bulge with his in-your-face intensity, his gallows humor and his antic sense of play. A writer-musician whose credits include The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church, the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and the Knitting Factory, Frazer's innovative fusion of poetry with free form improvisation anticipated the now-popular fusion of poetry with music. Frazer has published eight books of poetry, including the longpoem IMPROVISATIONS, and three books of fiction. His work has appeared in Aught, Big Bridge, Drunken Boat, First Intensity, Golden Handcuffs Review, Jack Magazine, Lost and Found Times, Moria, Otoliths and many other literary magazines. His most recent books of poetry are Bodied Tone and Holiday Idylling. His web site is vernonfrazer.com. Frazer is married and lives in South Florida. Contact author.

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