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Hugh Fox


Not Knowing

Not knowing it was ALL Dämmerung*/Twilight,
thinking dawn-noon for years until seventy-nine
years become a late afternoon one snort away from



*  From A song by Richard Strauss, “Traum Durch Die Dämmerung”/”Twilight Dream,” based on a poem by Otto Bierbaum.


Quietly, Quickly

Quietly, quickly, l’extase / ecstasy*,
moon-, sun-star-light versus my cosmic
hardly a before or after breath as Ich
**/I float into vanishingness.



*  “C’est l’extase,” a poem by Verlaine used by Debussy in one of his songs.
**“Ich schwebe,” a song by Richard Strauss, using a poem by Karl Henckell.


In Between

In between the first WAH
and the last RRRF,
between first into-the-gorge
plunge and the final carcinogenic
orchiectomy, between the first
Steinway creation chords and
Satie-ian non-melodies and
banging the key-cover on
your frozen claws, between
the first poem-vision sliding
down the Wordsworthian hills
to the final cybernetic listening
to the muse-voices crackling
into your amplified ears,
those legs, those veins,
those mammalian feeders,
wheel-chairing down the
last corridor to make a
reservation on the right
hill in the WE HOPE wilderness


—first appeared in Viral Cat Press





Hugh Bernard Fox Jr. (February 12, 1932 – September 4, 2011) was a writer, novelist, poet and anthropologist and one of the founders (with Ralph Ellison, Anaïs Nin, Paul Bowles, Joyce Carol Oates, Reynolds Price and others) of the Pushcart Prize for literature. He received a Ph.D. in American Literature from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and was a professor at Michigan State University in the Department of American Thought and Language from 1968 until his retirement in 1999. He wrote over fifty-four books of poetry and many volumes on short fiction, and published many novels. Hugh Fox's final novel was Reunion, published by Luminis Books in summer 2011. Hugh's final collection of poems, Primate Fox, will be released by MadHat Press later this year.

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