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Carol Novack & Lee Ann Brown


by Carol Novack & Lee Ann Brown

Collage, Carol Novack and Lee Ann Brown
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Carol Carol
by Lee Ann Brown


            You have
no use for prayer
Everything is right here
Light streams down
on the shortest day of the year
            end I sing a
Carolina song for you
My newish friend
Go sing it on the mountain
It's a good day to die

Orion's belt clear in the cold
his sword points down

This morning
All the branches coated in frost
were golden from the hills of brown
shining through and light blue

up in the middle of the night
no reason why
rings under my eye
from boxing days
I saw the slow reveal

says the Almanac

The quiet day in winter beauty closes,
And sunset clouds are tinged with crimson dye

Somehow the weather speaks

All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise






Lee Ann Brown is Assistant Professor of English at St. Johnís University in New York City. A poet and filmmaker whose first book, Polyverse (Sun&Moon, 1999), won the New American Poetry Series Award. Her second book, The Sleep That Changed Everything, appeared in 2003 from Wesleyan. She is also the founder and editor of the small press Tender Buttons. Contact artist.

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