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Music by Dewanatron



Music by Dewanatron

Dewanatron: The Documentary

Produced and directed by Paul Yates
Edited by Paul Yates and Jonee Eisen


A new full-length Dewanatron documentary is forthcoming from Paul. Below is the "official teaser".

DEWANATRON! A 3D Stereoscopic Documentary (Official Teaser)

DEWANATRON! is the struggle of two inventors, cousins Brian and Leon Dewan to design, manufacture, sell, and play unique analogue synthesizers in an overwhelmingly digital world.


DEWANATRON Documentary

Made by William Dickerson with help and some footage from Paul.





Dewanatron are Brian Dewan and Leon Dewan. They design and manufacture unique modern solid-state analog instruments. The Swarmatron, one of their instruments is now being used extensively in Hollywood movie scores. Brian and Leon are also performers, ranconteurs, artists, inventors and visionaries of another place and time. Find them at: Find their CDs here.

DEWANATRONS are hand-crafted semiautomatic electronic music-making machines that can be played by a person or can function on their own. Dewanatrons are not digitally programmed computers, but rather, solid-state analogue synthesizers invented and built by cousins Leon and Brian Dewan. Some members of the Dewanatron instrument family include The Swarmatron, The Hymnotron, The Melody Gin, The Astro Space Organ, The Dual Primate Console. These instruments have become a hot item among musicians and audiophiles including Tom Waits, Mark Mothersbaugh, and Trent Reznor, who made prominent use of the Swarmatron in the oscar winning soundtrack of The Social Network and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Brian Dewan used to build furniture for a living and as of late is making and projecting I-CAN-SEE filmstrips. Two CDs, Brian Dewan Tells The Story and The Operating Theater feature songs with autoharp and electric zither accompaniment. He has exhibited drawings and filmstrips at The Brooklyn Museum, The New Museum, Pierogi gallery, The Armory Show and Modern Art Oxford. His recent recording of Lewis Carroll's The Hunting Of The Snark has aired in London and New York.

While studying art, organ and composition at Oberlin College he recorded electronic music with Putney, Buchla, Arp and Moog synthesizers. He plays zither and other instruments with The Raymond Scott Orchestrette and arranged Scott's electronic music for live acoustic septet in collaboration with accordionist Will Holshouser. In addition to performances of instrumental music he has also provided live accompaniment to the silent films of Ladislaw Starewicz, Harry Smith, Ester Shub, Oscar Fischinger, and rare films from the Mark Newgarden collection. These were screened at Lincoln Center, Galapogas, Tonic, The Robert Beck Theater and The Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Auditorium. Contact artist.

Leon Dewan apprenticed to his inventor father since early childhood, helping him to construct homemade test equipment and numerous electromechanical, solid state and vacuum tube based radio frequency prototypes. He recorded his first electronic music in 1980 with a calculator and an electronic quiz game which broadcast signals to a clock radio tuned between stations. In 1989 he received a degree in physics at Yale University. He has played guitar and sung in New York based band The Happiest Guys In The World as well as The Philistines Jr, Shaumgummi, and Dangerspoon, and has made guest guitar and production appearances on several Guster recordings. He collaborated with sculptress Kathleen Griffin and for the Sculpture Center's inaugural In Practice series created an installation involving large hollow spherical bodies made of hard candy with circuitry inside that caused the candy spheres to self-resonate at various points along their resonant spectrums. Governed by slow chaos, they harmonized in unpredictable ways, "singing" to each other in the vaulted cellar of The Sculpture Center in Queens. Leon has performed at Rich Forum, the Knitting Factory, and Pierogi2000 Gallery, among other venues. Contact artist.


Paul Yates - more about Paul here.

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