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Editor's Rave
The views of the Publisher are not necessarily the views of the Publisher or anyone else. She hereby disclaims any and all impressions that the Publisher or anyone else in fact has any views whatsoever and is totally irresponsible for same.

Carol Novack, Mad Hatters' Review PublisherWell, so goes the Superpower and its fat dog institutions, so go the Mad Hatters. ‘tis a time of chaos, frenzied deceptions, economic catastrophes, absurd political gymnastics and other feats of serious buffoonery. Well, so, what else is new? Hatters ask. And the royal we might answer ourselves: “nothing unexpected, as we know that Dementia reigns.” Nothing unexpected, as “the center cannot hold” and there is only the center moving to the right and the right moving more to the right, and oil seeping recklessly out of the pockets of CEO’s into our bodies of water. Will any semblance of sanity raise its meek head and shout loudly enough to awaken the citizens with its paralyzed tongue? Can there be even slight change for the better without meaningful choice among politicians in a corporate based two-party system? Will climactic crises deluge the entire country, not to mention the rest of our afflicted planet? I won’t answer that for fear of death by aerial hunting.

As far as the Review is concerned, the art department has gone through upheaval, but we’ve acclimatized ourselves to the changes. Our absolutely fabulous Art Director Tantra Bensko left us due to other projects and time constraints, along with our two wonderful Associate Editors D.K. McDonald and X-8. All or any may eventually return to our fold, but we are extremely lucky that our amazing artist and writer friend and contributor Marty Duane Ison has assumed Tantra’s mantle (though we’ve had to buy him a larger size – PLEASE DONATE!). Marty has brought with him his collaborator and new Associate Editor the very fine artiste Sara Holt and asked our frequent mistress of collages, the wondrous Carolyn Adams, to join our staff as another Associate Art Editor. Welcome, new art editors!

On the literary side, we’ve lost Andrea Fitzpatrick (Kneeland) and Non-fiction editor Pete Dolack, but gained Kuzhali Manickavel from India, Kane X. Faucher from Canada, and Ann Bogle of Minnesota and NYC. Ann’s our new Non-Fiction editor. Welcome new literary editors!

Our musical staff is minus the talented Ben Tyree, but perhaps we’ll be able to coax him back.

So … I hope you enjoy our very exciting Issue 10 with its interviews, vispo gallery, films, and all the other unique features you’ve come to expect from The Hatters.

Don’t forget to check our Events page for dates and details concerning our regular and multi-media readings. The next KGB Bar readings are on October 10th (Jonathan Baumbach, Harold Jaffe, and Sheila E. Murphy), and December 12th (Rebecca Goodman, Martin Nakell, and Steve Katz --- details to be furnished in November).

We’re reading submissions to our mash-up issue with Bunk Magazine, The Mad Bunkers. If you haven’t seen our guidelines, and need a laugh, proceed henceforth to

Please remember to do your bit to KEEP THE MAD HATTERS ALIVE! MAKE A TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION! After Issue 11, we may be taking a LONG break. If you’re interested in guest editing, meaning taking on all tasks and responsibilities of yours truly, please email us at, subject line: I’M MAD ENOUGH TO WANT TO GUEST EDIT MHR!!!

In dementia perpetua,

Carol Novack
October, 2008

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