Mad Hatters' Review Issue 10, Fall 2008
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Docufiction by
Harold Jaffe
Music by Paul A. Toth
Art by Marty Ison

Kosinski & Kaczynski

Art by Marty Ison

Found dead in his East Side Manhattan apartment on May 3, 1991.Jerzy Kosinski had tied a plastic bag over his head and suffocated in his bathtub. An autopsy found “significant amounts” of recently-ingested barbiturates in his body.

Alleged “Unabomber” Theodore Kaczynski is not factually dead but may as well be. Drugged to the gills with thorazine-like agents, he wastes away in an isolation ward in Colorado’s “supermax” Federal Prison, the 12th prison in which he has been detained since his arrest in 1996.

A long-awaited prison psychiatrist's report on Theodore Kaczynski was released Friday, graphically detailing the Unabomber's fantasies about mutilating a former girlfriend, murdering technicians, and having a sex-change operation.

A long-awaited judgment on the sexually deviant immigrant writer Jerzy Kosinski's literary merit will be delivered before the end of the performance.

Barring distractions and dead-ends.

Kosinski, now virtually forgotten, was the author of The Painted Bird, Cockpit, Pinball, The Devil Tree, and Being There, among other critically acclaimed sex-centered novels in the anything-goes Sixties and Seventies.

He committed suicide in 1991.

The 123-page report, compiled in part from interviews with Kaczynski in his Sacramento County Jail cell while he was heavily sedated, and from his alleged writings dating to his graduate student days at Harvard in the Sixties, states that Kaczynski's frustrated desire for a sex-change operation set him on the path to being a serial killer.

Kaczynski claims to have considered mass instead of serial murder but rejected it because of its (his own words) "excessive immediate gratification."

As an ascetic, even masochistic, revolutionary wannabe, gratification was way low on Kaczynski's list of cool things to feel.

The 123-page judgment, compiled from interviews with friends (few) and free-loaders (numerous), suggests that young Jerzy, while investigating his own body in his native land, may have uncovered a fresh erotic point of entry. Neither precisely anal nor vaginal, the entry was reportedly in the area of the perineum, a closed circuit, hence separated from sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy.

(This is not a metaphor.)

The young Polish Jew knew at once that he had unearthed a unique, perhaps even revolutionary, sexual modality, but he could not find another human who took his discovery seriously, let alone anyone with whom to discuss it.

That lack of a significant other may well have contributed to his recreational drug use, gender slippage, and ensuing suicide.

Kaczynski allegedly wrote that his 1968 visit to a Beverly Hills psychiatrist to obtain official permission to become a female was a major turning point in his life.

Nineteen sixty-eight was a banner year for student revolutionaries world-wide, though not for Kaczynski.

After the psychiatrist flatly rejected his plea for sex-change surgery, he glared at her, first uncomprehendingly, then menacingly, finally bolting out of her office, pent up, consumed with "a visionary new hatred," according to youthful K's psychiatrist, Dr. Luanne Ortiz-Koontz, in her (ghost-written) unauthorized biography: I, Me, Mine: The Life and Times of Ted Kaczynski, Unabomber.

Kosinski allegedly wrote that once in the Cold War late Fifties he traveled from Lódz, Poland (his birthplace) to Czechoslovakia, and while in Brno (birthplace of Freud, two-and-a-half hours from Prague) he witnessed an orgy with seven participants: two females, two F2M pre-op transsexuals, two gender-fast males, and a mongoose.

One of the pre-ops was a neo-Nazi and both decisive males were Gypsies.

Bodily fluid emissions and extreme violence were featured in the orgy, which mightily impressed the young Kozinski and would influence his writings indelibly.

What sorts of emissions?

You name it.

What sorts of violence?

Cutting, stabbing, branding, maiming, severing.

Did the mongoose figure prominently in the orgy?

Yes, prominently.

"Like a phoenix, I burst from the ashes of my despair," Kaczynksi was to write after partially recovering from the rejection of his request for sex-altering surgery.

"My very hopelessness liberated me because I no longer cared about death. Now I really could break out of my rut and do things that were daring, irresponsible, criminal, demented. If fools construed my wanton violence as having an ideological basis, so much the better.

"Obviously they will label me mad, because 'mental health' is defined by the extent to which a human behaves in accord with the needs of the system without showing signs of stress.

"And stress has always been my calling card."

"Like a phoenix, I burst from the ashes of my despair," Kosinski was to write. "After witnessing the brutally bloody mongoose orgy in Brno I was no longer swimming against the current. I was in fact coasting downstream, writing as effortlessly as emitting gas.

"I was the avant-garde's current darling, freshly rich, but still Jewish, tumescing while spelunking the southern (anatomically speaking) regions with a ballpoint pen in my teeth.

"Uneven, discolored, they were, alas, still Eastern European teeth.

"I hadn't yet made my fateful appointment with Dr. Zuck, the cosmetic dentist-to-the-stars of Beverly Hills."

Dr. Ortiz-Koontz's report on Kaczynski's 1968 visit , underwritten by a grant from the pharmaceutical industry giant, Eli Lilly, and sealed since January in U.S. District Court in Sacramento, was released Friday. Dr. Ortiz-Koontz, retained by the prosecution as a star witness, initially diagnosed Kaczynski, a former Harvard doctoral student, Berkeley mathematics professor, and backwoods hermit, as a paranoid schizophrenic.

She reaffirmed that diagnosis under oath, testifying that his paranoid schizophrenia had become "exacerbated" since 1968. Nonetheless, he was, Ortiz-Koontz insisted, fully competent to stand trial.

The initial diagnosis of 1968 is included in her biography, the sales of which have been "steady but moderately disappointing," according to Dottie Lowenthal, spokesperson for Ortiz-Koontz's publisher, Harper Collins.

"Serial killing in the US is a monthly ritual, and Americans have notoriously short memories," Lowenthal explained. “It could be they've forgotten all about Kaczynski and turned their attention to this month’s serial or mass murderer.

"The intention of Dr. Ortiz-Koontz's book is to remind readers that the Unabomber was far different and a great deal more dangerous than your standard brand lunatic."

Dr. Ortiz-Koontz's report, underwritten by a grant from the pharmaceutical industry giant, Pfizer, and sealed since January in U.S. District Court in Washington, was released Friday.

Forensic psychiatrist Ortiz-Koontz, retained by the prosecution as a star witness, diagnosed Kosinski, a former compulsive wanker and sometime sociologist in his Polish homeland, as both a pornographic writer and paranoid schizophrenic, while insisting that he was fully competent to stand trial on his shoplifting charge.

May 1985, 10:50 a.m.: The famous, decadent Polish-American novelist Jerzy Kosinski, stoked, and possibly crazed, after a night of drinking cham-pagne and freebasing cocaine, is alleged to have stolen a robin's-egg blue sports bra and matching pair of terrycloth thong panties and leg warmers from Victoria's Secret in the pricey Barbarella Mega-Mall, just north of Malibu.

If Kaczynski wished to be female why did he grow a beard, talk in a gruff voice, hole up in a cabin in the Montana outback, hunt his food with a bowie knife, and bathe only on Leap Year?

The answer, according to Harry S. Sullivan, Professor of Clinical Psychology at American University, is that "Ted strove to reject his unappeasable ideal (to become a female) by acting like an exaggerated version of a male," The Unabomber's "contrary" response is not at all unusual, Professor Sullivan added, and even has a technical name: "reaction formation."

If Kosinski wished to be female why was there so much macho gesture-making and penis brandishing in his pornographic novels?

One expert for the prosecution, Harry Stack Sullivan, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Pacific Rim / Verizon, testified that "largely because of his ingestion of illicit drugs," Kosinski's libido became compromised while he was in his early thirties; as a result, "he reverted back to a sexualized version of the passivity of his childhood, when his Polish-Jewish parents dressed him as a little girl and lavished affection on him."

This was of course before the Polish-Jewish parents were captured by the Gestapo and transported to Auschwitz where life abruptly devolved into: This vay to the gez, ladies undt gentlemen.

Regarding his infamous Unabomber Manifesto, Kaczynski, under arrest and heavily sedated, revealed that it was a "cipher": ostensibly a call for an ethical revolution arrived at through a painstaking socio-historical analysis of virulent technology.

In fact--if one were to tease out the various subtexts--his manifesto was nothing less than a clarion call for sexual terrorism and cultural demonizing which targeted our most venerable American institutions.

Regarding his infamous, best-selling Cockpit, Kosinski, in an unguarded moment, revealed that his original title, Negligee, had been vetoed by his publisher.

Cockpit actually was authored by two male ghostwriters, one of whom was serving three life sentences in Attica for murder and was the proud possessor of two y chromosomes.

The cash profits were divided between Koskinski and his publisher.

For his contribution to the novel, the yy-chromosome ghostwriter had one of his three life sentences officially deleted.

The other ghostwriter was mysteriously pushed to his death into a southbound subway train during morning rush-hour on 96th Street and Broadway.

Penal experts are at odds as to whether the forcible ingestion of anti-psychotic drugs, shock treatment, psycho-surgery, and “supermax” solitary confinement will reform the Unabomber.

But even the doubters concede that with execution for his federal crimes no longer a possibility, there needs to be some approved way of punishing him severely.

"Judas Cradle," "Heretic's Fork," "Knee Splitter," Rectal Pear," and "Spiked Necklace" have each been cited as an appropriate mode of condign punishment.

Ethical torture, if you will.

After all, Kaczynski maimed or murdered in cold blood our bravest and best captains of industry.
Penile experts are at odds as to whether Kosinski's steady ingestion of non-prescription mind-altering drugs alone accounted for his gender erosion and subsequent impotence.

Or whether his debauched writing, social pessimism, and peacock gesture-making were contributing factors.

Would he still be alive and unambiguously male if Viagra or one of the other FDA-approved virility-enhancing agents had been available?


However that kind of speculation is futile, a waste of taxpayer dollars.
Because hindsight is infallibly twenty-twenty.

Reader-scanner, here, as promised, is the definitive judgment on Jerzy Kosinski's literary merit:

Compared, as he must be, to the great Polish-Anglo writer Joseph Conrad, Jerzy Kosinski is unlike . . .

Uh-oh, we've just experienced another one of those “rolling blackouts.”

That's what we get for our passive reliance on what formerly was creeping privatization but is now a juggernaut.

Corporate energy enforced by corporate government.

Reader-scanner, if you despise the servitude imposed by extreme technology and its affiliates you can either roll over pretending it doesn't exist.

Or you can remedy the situation.

First, we exacerbate and broadcast the social stresses within the system to weaken it sufficiently for a revolution against it to become possible.

Second, we propagate a counter-ideology that validates life and what remains of wilderness, while militantly opposing extreme technology and the industrial state.

This counter-ideology will assure that when the industrial-techno state collapses, its dehumanizing remnants will be smashed, bashed, shattered, crushed, pulped, pulverized, atomized, eviscerated, obliterated, dispossessed, utterly virtualized . . .

If, in some hypothetical revolutionary future, you need to find me, look for me under your Nikes.

I--or something of me--will be pulsing in the dirt and grass.

I said grass, not astroturf.

Never, ever astroturf.

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