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The Perils of Patriotic Polly  
By Phil Nelson & Carol Novack

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Coconuts - A Weekly Strip
By Phil Nelson

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(pages run strips from oldest to newest)
click here to visit more 'Tristan, Miss Julie & Steve'
Tristan, Miss Julie and Steve
By Marja Hagborg

Visit 'Tristan, Miss Julie and Steve' HERE

click here to visit more 'Fish Egg Philosophy'
Fish Egg Philosophy
By Sheila McCann

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click here to visit more 'Keep it Weird'
Keep it Weird
By David Lineberger

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Cartoon - 'The Fuck You Guy'
The Fuck You Guy
By Marja Hagborg

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More Cartoons & Occasional Hot Political Cartoons
By Marja Hagborg, Carol Novack, Martin Heavisides & Phil Nelson

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