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Mad Hatters' Review Millennial: Poetics In Action

I think I’ve found the epitome of the Millennial Poetics School that I’ve been talking about. The journal is Mad Hatters’ Review, and I highly recommend it.

First, I like the name of this journal. It says something. This is a brand that can’t be matched. The Mad Hatter, of course, is an allusion to the character in Alice In Wonderland by that name.

What I like about this online journal is that they fuse different media into one package. I usually surf the Net with my laptop’s sound on mute because I don’t like landing on a website and having someone else’s favorite music blaring at me. Even if I like the kind of music that is playing, I just want to hear it unless I click a button that says “play.” Mad Hatters’ Review is the first website I’ve ever visited that has made autoplay easy on the ears. You’ll definitely want to un-mute your speakers when you land on this journal’s website.

check it out >>

Every Writer's Resource.comEvery Writer's Resource
lists Mad Hatters' Review as one the Best Online Literary Magazines!

Mad Hatter's Review

Est. 2005. The Mad Hatter's Review is by far the youngest magazine on our list, but it has a lot to offer. They publish fiction, art, music, and poetry. It is an interesting site with many editors to keep it safe. They pride themselves on having a new way of a approaching web publishing, and they maybe right.

check it out >>


MHR Review by DarlingReview of Mad Hatters' Review by Kristina Darling

Filled with edgy and formally innovative work, the latest issue of The Mad Hatters’ Review is a treat for readers of fiction, comics, and poetry alike. Many of the works included in this issue are difficult to classify as “prose poetry,” “short story,” or “flash fiction,” but instead play by their own rules, often gleaning aspects of multiple genres. Custom artwork and songs are included with each piece and initiate an interesting dialogue between different artistic disciplines, proving to be a striking way to present visual art, musical compositions, and literature to readers. In abandoning these traditional distinctions, The Mad Hatters’ Review provides a unique forum for writers to experiment with form, narrative, and the relationship between text and other mediums.


MHR - LIT MAG of the SEASON"Lit Mag of the Season"
- LauraHird




Review of Issue 7 by Daniel Y. Harris

MHR ReviewLewis Carroll, patron saint of the unsaintly and unpatronized, in bestowing such idiosyncratic mirth to the Hatter's position at the tea party, sets the parameters for Mad Hatters' Review and its Internet and Outernet world. Adorned with Carroll's 19th century vision of the demented hatter as "victim of mercury poisoning" (the poor, working-class hatter "worked with hot solutions of mercuric nitrate, in poorly ventilated rooms"), the Review makes contemporary and metaphorical the plight of the hatters, who suffered "neurological damage, resulting in such symptoms as tremors, slurred speech, irritability, and depression." This enfolding of legacy bestows Mad Hatters' Review with a new canon particularly interested, as publisher Carol Novack says,

"in edgy, experimental, gutsy, thematically broad (i.e., saying something about the world and its creatures), psychologically and philosophically sophisticated writings."



Five Quick and Dirty Lit Site Reviews
Scott Malby, Eclectica Review

Eclectica Review The electronic magazine Mad Hatter's Review is relatively new. It provides a joyful, youthful, flashy, amusing and sometimes awkward experience. It was voted lit magazine of the year by The Laura Hird Site. Zines come and go. I hope this one lasts so that I can see what it develops into. The art work borders on the astounding. Some of Marja Hagborg's cartoons were a riot. Mad Hatter's Review suggests elements indicative of what digital literature may become if it is not overwhelmed by its own self importance or inundated by corporate flatulence. Mad Hatter is also pixel crazy. Those with slower computers may experience a little frustration in trying to download the material. Navigation through the site could be improved. It provides poetry, short stories, rants, drama, reviews and more. It is a little mad. The writing profiled was rough at times, but more than enough talent was in evidence. What I most enjoyed, besides the exuberance, was how apt the name of the ezine was in mirroring its material content. This site could turn into something big.


Read the Raving Review of MHR @ Review

Alice would love Mad Hatters' Review—as I do—there's something, including the astral threats of summer, to delight everyone. Among its text-art-music combos are Marty D. Ison's text, narration, and art for "Wake up, Damian Hirst!": “—but none of it can exorcise god-want from the pleading soul.”; and Brett Powers's "Pathology" with Wayne Yang's art, Steven Kane's music: “[ . . . ] all it would take to change everything for the better is three little Phillips head screws cast upon the still water.”



PortalDelSol InterviewInterview / Site Review with Carol Novack
by Charles P. Ries

Mad Hatter's Review is among the most content rich literary web sites on the internet. Its depth and scope are almost scary. Equally captivating are the graphics and ease of maneuvering from one location to another. I have come to realize that literary magazines, whether print or electronic, are the children of their founders. It is not surprising that Mad Hatter's Review is the brain child of Carol Novack. As her bio there tells us, she "is a re-emerging, angst-ridden writer of sociopolitical neurotic rants and raves, comic emails, and image drenched, lyrical whatnots." I asked Carol to provide a few samples of her work so readers could better know her mind, but first I wanted to know how Carol Novack could manage and sustain a site of this scale.




Art Award, Sixty Plus Design, Canada


Entertainment Award, Sixty Plus Design, Canada

We thank you for inviting us to visit your home on the Internet. We applaud your site's ease of navigation, obvious hard work, talent, and enlightening content. It is with great pleasure that we give you the Art and Entertainment Awards. - Ted Miller, Sixty Plus Design, Canada





Invision-Graphics Award

After careful consideration and evaluation of your site, we are honored to present you with the Web Design Award! The site evaluation requested on was very pleasant on the eyes and very well structured out and categorized into specific sections this was a job well done and worthy of our award!

Art Space Award

Art Space 2000

Congratulations from all the staff at Art Space You have won the "Gold Medal Web Award of Excellence" for originality, overall design and appearance, ease of navigation, and content. Keep up the good work.